Circuit of journals and newspapers

The Library maintains an internal circuit service of journals and newspapers for teachers, doctoral students and authorized personnel who request it, so that they can have access to journal and/or newspapers for a short period of time on an exclusive basis.

  • After the announcement of the journal or newspapers acquisitions by e-mail, users interested in receiving them should inform the Library that they wish to participate in the circuit.
  • Each number is sent to the user on a first-come, first-served basis. The date of dispatch and the maximum date of return are indicated on a piece of paper attached to the journal/newspaper.
  • The user can  have each issue of the journal/daily for one week.
  • The collection point is at the reception desk of the centre. Its return, once the circuit period is over, can be in the Library or at the Reception. 

If the delay in the return of the documents is more than two weeks, the user will be automatically excluded from the service until he returns all the  pending exemplars and will become the last user of the circuit.