SciFinder ®

SciFinder is a portal to chemistry and related information, providing easy access to the most reliable collection of chemicals, reactions and bibliographic references in the world. Searches can be made in journals and patents around the world, using substructures and reactions. Major pharmaceutical and chemical companies, as well as leading academic institutions and government laboratories rely on SciFinder ® to keep up and take advantage of the latest advances in science. It allows to explore the databases of CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), which contain literature from various disciplines, covering biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials sciences, agriculture, etc.

CAS has released a series of videos called "Need to Know" that show you how to use some of the SciFinder options. It is necessary to access with username and password and you can create your account following these steps. These videos have been made in collaboration with SciFinder users and show real situations about, for example, how to search by substance or by topic.


Search by name (2:26 min.)

Search by specific topic (2:42 min.)

Search by type of reaction or specific reaction (3:12 min.)

Search by structure to find compounds (3:17 min.)

Search by substructure (2:37 min.)

Search for specific reactions or type of reaction (3:01 min.)

Look for polymer reactions (2:37 min.)

Save and combine search results (3:17 min.)

Comparison of search types by reaction (2:46 min.)

Videotutorials given for CAS