Open Access with SpringerNature

Open Access with SpringerNature

The CRUE and the CSIC have negotiated new conditions for the agreements they have with the publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wiley and the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Universitat Ramon Llull, as part of the transformative agreement, has signed an Open Access Agreement with the publisher SpringerNature, which will allow URL research staff to publish in selected SpingerNature journals without paying APC fees.

Potential beneficiaries

The corresponding author of articles accepted for publication by the publisher must belong to an institution participating in the agreement at the time of acceptance of the publication, and have an email address with the domain

General conditions

The agreement allows a limited number of articles from the university to be published in open access, with a deadline of 31 December 2022. On the other hand, it does not include all the journals published by this publisher. To find out the specific titles of the journals and for further information, please go to the following link: Transformative agreement for open access publication with SpringerNature.

If you have any doubt or you are interested, contact the Library.