RECERCAT Repository



RECERCAT is the institutional repository of the Universitat Ramon Llull, where it is deposited and provides access to the scientific production of IQS

RECERCAT, the Research Deposit of Catalunya, it is a cooperative repository of digital documents that includes the research literature of universities and research centers in Catalunya, such as articles not yet published (preprints), communications to conferences, research reports, working papers, final master/degree projects, technical reports, etc. This project is promoted by the universities of Catalunya and the Biblioteca de Catalunya, managed and coordinated by the Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC), sponsored by the Generalitat de Catalunya and has the participation of other catalan institutions.

The main purpose of RECERCAT is to make more visible the research that is carried out in Catalunya and at the same time contribute to the worldwide movement of depositing academic and research production in the network for free, launched by the institutions that finance the research, in order to create alternatives to the paradigm of paying to have access to the information that has been prepared in the institution itself.

The objectives of RECERCAT are:

  • To increase the visibility of documents, authors and institutions that tie them and, in general, of the research produced in Catalunya.
  • To facilitate editing through self-powered entry of documents.
  • To add value to documents through standardized citations, query statistics, permanent addresses and preservation mechanisms.

This application allows searches by author, title, university or research center, etc. Also, it offers the possiblity to subscribe to the alert service of a collection in such a way that every time a new document is introduced the subscribed user receives an email notification.

All documents included in RECERCAT are freely available and are subject to the Creative Commons of "Atribution-NonCommercial_noDerivatives". This license establishes that copying, distribution and public communication of the work is allowed as long as the original author and the institution that protects it are cited, and no use is made for commercial purposes or derivative work. To include a published article in RECERCAT, you should consult the copyright policy of the editor and/or magazine through the SHERPA/ROMEO tool.


Since 2018, IQS participates in this cooperative repository by depositing scientific articles from IQS teaching and research staff. 

IQS Library introduces documents in RECERCAT  in the version that can be deposited (published version, post-print o pre-print), using standard metadata that allows the data to be automatically collected and offered for consultation through RECERCAT. This procedure guarantees the long-term accessibility of University documents. Interdisciplinary research among all research documents in Catalunya can only be done from RECERCAT.

 If you want more information about RECERCAT, contact IQS Library.