Business plan of Neobuoy


de Benedicto Barba, Agustín
Masons Mas, Queralt ; Mateu Plana, Laia


This project's business concept is a buoy for swimming in open waters. This buoy is connected to a display watch by sensors, which displays a range of functions to keep the swimmer informed about his or her training. All of this data is saved in an application. GPS, Keystroke, Water Change, Deflated Buoy, and Light are all features of this device. This product is intended for all ages and types of swimmers. Furthermore, it is geared at sporting events where the buoy's safety is required, because, in addition to making the swimmer visible, it allows you to control if there is any kind of problem.
As far as the present market is concerned, this product does not exist. The open waters buoy is currently made by several sports companies, but not in conjunction with the watch. This fact distinguishes our goods to a large extent. Various companies manufacture smartwatches, although in our case, it is merely display watch. This is because the swimmer during the training cannot be handling the watch, as it would waste energy and could endanger their integrity.
The project is now in its early stages, and an extensive assessment of the company's profitability over the next five years has been conducted, taking into account all of the factors that go into starting a business. We were able to cover several strategic topics due to the fact that we are three students with a business and technical vision. Moreover, a financial study of the first five years of the business is out for a potential investor in the business. It has been concluded that it is a profitable business as the second year already shows profits with a potential upward trend.



Olivé i Tomàs, Antoni


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management