Estimation of industrial emissions during pyrolysis and combustion of different wastes using laboratory data


Conesa, Juan A.; Ortuno, Núria; Palmer, Damià


In our lab, we have been studying the emissions of different pollutants during pyrolysis and combustion of wastes under different conditions for the last three decades. These studies have focused on the effect of temperature and presence of oxygen on the production of different pollutants. Waste decomposition has been studied in a horizontal laboratory scale reactor, but no estimate has been made of the actual emissions in a conventional thermal decomposition system. In the present study, emissions during these wastes’ thermal decomposition were estimated using Aspen HYSYS. In the simulation software, the waste composition (elemental analysis) was given as an input parameter, as well as the gas flow rate used as atmosphere during the decomposition. The emitted hydrocarbons measured in the laboratory were equated to the emission of a single compound (propylene). The simulation permitted calculating the percentage of oxygen in the emitted gas, and the pollutant emissions were then recalculated under standard conditions. The emission of dioxins and furans were estimated under different conditions of decomposition, and an adequate approximation of the waste decomposition in actual incineration systems could be obtained.








Scientific Reports, 21 April 2020, v.10, n.1, 6750

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