Carns Romeu’s Entrance into the Netherlands for Oink & Moo - An International Marketing Plan


Gravina, Laura; Margarit, Joan
Quizhpi, Heidy 


Carns Romeu is a family owned business that has focused itself on the cutting of fresh meat and processed meat. The company was founded in 1970 by Pedro Romeu in Gelida (Spain).
They sell in all of Spain but especially in the Catalonia region becoming in fact the benchmark in the meat sector of the region. Carns Romeu values itself in overseeing the entire production chain, from farm to kitchen by working with local factory farms in order to ensure both quality and traceability in the product delivered to the customer. The company is a business to business model, which means it only sells to other companies and never to the final consumer of its products.The meat the company processes comes from bovine, pork, ovine, chicken and reformed meat. Carns Romeu S.L. is a partner of FEGP (Gran Penedès Business Federation). It is extremely important for the company to be part of the federation in order to establish inter-regional business connections, to promote progress in the territory and the business future environment. Its main objective is the promotion of economic activity and the development of the business fabric of the environment. With the constant generation of new services and advantages and the continuous production of actions, the Federation favors the information, modernization and free competition flows of the affiliated companies. Carns Romeu in his two family generations never stops to innovate the corporate image. In 2016 a new brand was added to the company and it is called Pere Romeu Selecció. The brand was born thanks to the enthusiasm and desire to innovate and open up to new prospects for previously selected products. The selection is made of high value gastronomic products as well as those traditional ones which are still appreciated. In 2019 another brand was added with the name of “Oink & Moo”. The main products of the new line are butifarra (catalan sausage) and hamburgers made of typical spanish ingredients. The onomatopoeic name has been created in order to emotionally engage the clients by being attractive and fun. This International Marketing Plan is based on the decision of Carns Romeu to export this new Oink & Moo product line into the Netherlands, in order to expand the company and make it grow by opening new markets. We will start analysing the internal and external situation of the company, also we will be talking about the SWOT analysis and the consequent objectives that will be achieved by implementing the Marketing Mix strategies, and finally we will see an Action Plan with its Gantt chart, the Budget for implementing this Marketing Plan and the tools and KPI’s that will help to control all the process and evaluate it afterwards. 



Palau Saumell, Ramon 


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management