SABI (Iberian Balance Sheet Analysis System) is a database with financial information of more than 2,6 million companies in Spain and Portugal.


SABI contains detailed information about companies in Spain and Portugal and reports on:

  • Business financial information
  • Brands (Spanish companies only)
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Directors and contacts
  • Stock data for listed companies
  • Original declarations/scanned images (Spanish companies only)
  • Detailed corporate structures
  • Market research
  • Business and business news
  • M&A deals and rumors
  • Maps and cartographic analysis
  • Audit repors (only for Spanish companies)


With SABI you can:

  • Value a company's financial strength
  • Search for companies that match your profiles including size, industry and location and you can combine it with hundreds of criteria
  • Find all the companies of the same corporate "family" and visualize the complex organizational structures in diagrams. This unique set of data includes national and international proprietary information
  • Gather complex business data including background, financial history as well as relevant M&A news, agreements and rumors
  • Analyze a company in relation to its comparison group
  • Show your results on charts to help you interpret and showcase your research
  • Monitor companies and comparison groups of interest using SABI's flexible alerts
  • Export your results for analysis or business development projects
  • Integrate SABI data into your own databases, CRM system or spreadsheet to learn more about your customers and prospects
  • Compare business groups

How they can help you?

SABI is easy to use and allows you to search for business information quickly. You can use SABI for a variety of business challenges:

  • Procurement and supplier risk management
  • Academic research
  • Professional internship - SABI is used by many accounting companies for business development and consulting
  • Compliance, KYC and due diligence
  • Business development and CRM data management and enrichment
  • Corporate finance
  • Credit analysis and risk management

SABI: A unique business and financial scan tool (1:59 min.)

Information extracted from Videotutorial on loan from SABI, a web tool developed by INFORMA D&B in collaboration with Bureau Van Dijk.