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If you want to check out a particular e-journal, use Discovery's journal finder by selecting Periodicals Search. To find out which journals are subscribed to, enter a title in the search box.


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Open access by editorial

Check these journals on the IQS Campus (restricted access connected to the IQS Network):

American Chemical Society

Chemistry and other related sciences journals.

Association for Computing Machinery

Computing and information technology journals.

Emerald Insight

Multicisciplinary journals, mainly marketing, business management, engineering and library science. Contains bibliographic references since 1989 and full text from 1994.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Chemistry and other related sciences journals.

ScienceDirect (Chemistry)

Chemistry and other related sciences journals, in full text access since 2005.


Multidisciplinary thematic journals, edited by Springer.


Multidisciplinary thematic journals, edited by Wiley.

Open access electronic journals

Check out these open access journals, on or off Campus: 

Clute Institute

Clute Institute publishes 19 open access academic journals that contain the results of the latest research in business management and administration, education and science.


Dialnet ia a bibliographic portal focused mainly on the fields of Human, Legal and Social Sciences, whose main task is to give greater visibility to the Spanish scientific literatures.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Directory of more than 13.000 multidisciplinary thematic journals, which can be consulted in open access.

Project MUSE
Project MUSE offers a wide collection of books and journals about humanities and social sciences, many of them edited by American universities.