Circuit of journals and newspapers

Circuit of journals and newspapers

Weekly loan service for magazines and paper publications addressed to the PDI, PAS and PhD students.


  1. The Library publishes by email the new acquisitions in paper format of magazines and newspapers.
  2. Users interested in receiving them in circuit communicate it to the Library.
  3. Each number is sent to the user in order of arrival of their request to be part of the circuit.
  4. A paper attached to magazine /newspaper indicates the date of shipment and the maximum date of return.
  5. The collection point of the copies is the reception of the center. Your return, once the circuit period is over, can be at the Library or at the Reception.


Newly incorporated staff at the center can consult the list of journals subscribed on paper to participate in the circuit of publications that are of interest to them.

In case of delay in the return of more than two weeks, the user will be automatically excluded from the service until he returns all the pending copies and will become the last user of the circuit.