For all kind of loans, you must bring your university ID card. According to the library that holds the document that is required on loan, we divide the loan into three types:

  • Llull Loan: the loan of documents from Ramon Llull University's Library network.
  • PUC (Unified Loan Consorted): the loan of documents from the network of university libraries members of the CSUC.
  • Interlibrary Loan: the loan of documents from libraries that do not belong to any of  the two previous groups.


Lull Loan PUC Interlibrary Loan


Llull Loan

Service that allows to temporarily remove from the Library those documents of any faculty of the URL that are not excluded from loan. 

Remember that through the My Account you can know what documents you have on loan, manage reservations and renewals.

Documents excluded from loan

  • Reference works: dictionaries, encyclopedias, catalogues, yearbooks, and the like
  • Periodical publications; magazines, newspapers and the like
  • Bibliographic News
  • Documents with round and red sticker on the top of the spinecondi
  • Other documents indicated in the catalog

Loan conditions

Depending on the type of user, the following types of loans are available:

User types
Number of documents
Máx. days allowed
Max. renovations













All loaned documents can be renewed up to a maximum of 6 times if no other user has requested them. To renew the loan of a work of art, you must use My Account or contact the Library (by telephone, e-mail or in person). 


Any document from the URL Catalogue (except excluded documents) can be reserved by any user who is active and unrestricted (fines, maximum number of loans allowed...), either from the catalog itself (option available upon identification in My Account or by requesting it from the library staff at the information and Loan counter.

  • Bookings of books of any faculty URL can be made
  • You can book both available and borrowed books
  • You can choose the location for the collection of the reservations (no user costs)



Books must be returned by the indicated return date. Returns will be made at the Library counter or in the return mailbox at the outside entrance corridor to the Study Room. 

If a refund is made after the deadline, loan service blockages will appy (1 day of blocking for each document and day of delay in the return). There may be more restrictive penalties for some types of documents (consult library staff).

Documents not returned, lost or mistreated (broken, painted sheets, etc...) must be restored by the user. Until they are restored the loan service will be blocked.



The Unified Consortium Loan (PUC) is a free service that allows authorized users (enrolled, hired) to request and borrow documents that are not available in the libraries of the URL, but that are in a library of the institutions that are part of the CSUC. Also this service also allows free access of users to any library of the participating institutions.

Types of loan

The documents may be requested in different ways: 

a) On site Loan: in person, in the Libray where they are deposited, and presenting the university card.
b) PUC by website: remotely, through the URL's Discovery.

For more information, consult the PUC loan regulations.


Interlibrary Loan

Documents that are not available in the libraries of the URLor in the libraries participating in the PUC can be requested by PI (Interlibrary Loan).

Inside this service we also found the SOD (Document Obtaining Service) for articles from publications not subscribed by IQS.

This service may generate some management costs, for which the user will be informed for confirmation before carrying out the procedure.


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