Final Degree / Master Project

Final Degree / Master Project


The Final Degree Project (TFG) consists of the realization, presentation and defense of a project by a future graduate. The individual work to be developed must be previously defined as a project and include elements of research or innovative industrial application, representing an approach to professional practice. The TFG consists of three parts. One is the writing report on the work carried out and whose format will be the usual one of a scientific work. Therefore, each work will have its own specific bibliography. The Final Master Project (TFM) consists of carrying out a research project in an IQS research group or in a company.

The steps to follow in retrieving information to collect a good bibliography are: 

  • Ask at Library where you can consult and find information on your subject.
  • Consult reference works and terminology of the theme.
  • Check out other TFGs from other colleagues.
  • Ask teachers and your tutor for recommendations.
  • Schedule a customized session in the Library to learn how to search for information: TFG sessions.
  • Specialized searches in the catalogue, Discovery, databases and magazines.
  • Consult the materials indexed in catalogues to expand your searches.
  • Review the information retrieved in your searches:
    • Is the author a professional or an expert in the field? Does she/he quotes the sources?
    • Is the content useful? Is it relevant to your work?
    • Does the publication belong to an institution? Has it been published in a prestigious publishing house?
    • Is it easy to locate or access?
  • Use a bibliographic reference manager like Mendeley to store the documentation you will use in your memory. You will be able to choose the citation style and make the citations and bibliography of your work.
  • Respect the copyright of publications.
  • If you need them, look for documents to organize and write your work: Guides and manuals for writing academic papers.