Access and rules

Access conditions

  • IQS and Ramon Llull University students
  • AIQS Associates
  • Students and teaching staff from other universities. Not currently in force due to Covid until further notice. (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV, UOC, URL, UVIC-UCC and Biblioteca de Catalunya). Read agreement access to libraries

During examination period, IQS students will have priority over the other users of the Library.

Access to the Study Room

  • IQS University Community and Ramon Llull Universtiy
  • AIQS Associates

From Monday to Friday the Study Room is open to all. On Saturdays it is restricted to students of the IQS University Community and Ramon Llull Universtiy, the identification being necessary.


Free access to other University Libraries

Free access of users to any library of the participating CSUC institutions is allowed.

To access them, you must present the student card of the URL, although in times of maximum affluence the students of each center will have priority and access may be limited.


All members of the University can access the Library or the Study Room with the Ramon Llull University card, for personal and non-transferable use. When entering and leaving the Library, you must go through the access control system with the corresponding card. Its use by a user other than the holder of the card will mean the immediate withdrawal of the card, denying access to the Library or the Study room.

Other valid identification cards are:

  • IQS Library Card
  • Membership card for AIQS members
  • University card for external users

In the case of university libraries that are not part of the URL, identification will only be made with the Ramon Llull University card.


Is being prohibited:

  • Consume any type of food and drink (except water)
  • Talk on mobile phone
  • Smoke
  • Reserve a reading point

Must be:

  • Maintain an environment of order and silence
  • Respect the facilities, furniture, media and documents that the Library makes available to the user
  • Collect personal items from the rooms when absent 

Should remember that:

  • If you need to work in a group, you can use the study rooms
  • The return dates of the documents on loan or in circuit must be respected. Other users depend on this punctuality
  • You can use the ticket offices at the entrance while you are in the Library or in the Study Room. We remind that IQS is not responsible for deposited objects

Breach of regulations

Library staff is authorized to sanction or expel the user in case of regulations breach.