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Bookmetrix is a platform that provides bibliometric information on Springer books and books chapters; citacions, mention on social media, readers, downloads and bibliographic reviews. 
The bibliometric information displayed by Bookmetrix  from Springer's books, whether open access (OA) or not, provides citations (by year), mentions on social networks (indicating which social network), readers (by country), downloads (by year), and bibliographic reviews. It can be accessed free of charg and this information can be located from Springer (see the video to locate in citations and statistics in Springer). The examples shown by Bookmetrix are very dynamic: here's what this platform offers, using one of these examples.
It presents on the left side of the screen information about the document: a bibliographic record with the title, authors or editors, ISBN, DOI, and discipline and subdisciplinary to which the document belongs. 
And below this tab provides bibliometric information for each chapter of the document; for example, the first chapter has had neither citations nor mentions on social networks, but 5 readers and 738 downloads.
On the right side, we find the bibliometric information, divided into 5 sections and by colors. The (green) citations, draw from Springer, are structured for years and show which titles have cited the work. For example, this document has had 32 citations, 2 of them in 2016. 
In blue, mentions are shown on social networks, which are realtime thanks to Altmetric. In this section you can see on which social networks has been mentioned (Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, blogs, etc.) and the number of mentions.
Readers (red), information provided by Mendeley, are displayed by country, by discipline or by professional profile of the reader (according to Mendeley's profile). this document has had 136 readers in total - the majority profile is a person from the United States, a PhD student and the "Computer and Information Science" discipline.

Finally, the orange section shows the downloads that document has had and, the purple one, the bibliographic reviews that have been made of the book.



Through the following videos you can view what SpringerLink offers and how to access, search, view magazine and eBook information, or export citations and view statistics about publications:

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