Document Obtaining Service and Interlibrary Loan


The objective of the Document Obtaining Service (SOD) and Interlibrary Loan (PI) is to locate and obtain documents that are nit in IQS Library and neither in the URL Libraries not in the libraries that participate in the PUC.



  • Group 1: teaching and research staff, administration and services staff of the center
  • Group 2: center students
  • Group 3: external centers

What can be requested?

  • Photocopies of magazine articles and photocopies of book sections, respecting the Intellectual Property Law (will be delivered directly to the user)
  • Document Loan: they will be available to the user for a period of 15 days. The loss of the document implies its replacement by the user

This service may have a cost, depending on the user who requests it and the center that supplies it. Consult with Library the rates of this service.


(Users Group 1)

In order to use the SOD, you must be authorized and you must register for the service. To do this, fill out the form you can find at the following link:


                                     Inscription User SOD


Once the registration is confirmed, you can request documents. To do this, you must authenticate through the following link and fill out the form:


                                    Document request


► Provide all possible data in order to facilitate the search.

When the material arrives at the Library, it will be notified by email and the interested party will be sent through the requested means.