Algunos aspectos de la evolución de la COVID-19 en el primer semestre de 2020 y su influencia


Torres Entor, Guillem  


In this work we will study the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic during its outbreak in spring 2020. The preparation of this work has been done from real-time monitoring of news in the media and official counts. The growth has been high, and it has left thousands of deaths around the world. Health authorities warn that outbreaks should not be ruled out and that we still do not have treatments or vaccines to combat or prevent infection. The economic measures that have been applied in the face of this health crisis have been unprecedented measures, which have protected the most vulnerable individuals in the economy. The halt in economic activity caused by confinement will bring us an economic depression, of which the consequences are only beginning to be outlined.



González Sabaté, Lucinio  


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management