Alprostadil crema


Portell Vidal, Oriol 


This project has consisted of proposing and evaluating the launch and commercialization of Alprostadil cream, a generic drug indicated for erectile dysfunction (ED) that could go on the market in 2025 after the expiration of the patent of the respective reference medicine, Virirec®. The product under study has significant advantages over the competition, highlighting an absence of systemic absorption, less presence of adverse effects, lack of interaction with other drugs, a painless application and a price below the average. It has been simulated that we are part of the pharmaceutical company ISDIN, which has decided to start in a new field totally different from what the company has traditionally worked with. But the experience it has in the preparation of creams and other semi-solid pharmaceutical forms, as well as the knowledge about everything that surrounds the skin, makes it an ideal candidate for the manufacture of the product under study. Alprostadil cream will be marketed during the first three years only in the Spanish market, where the clients will be wholesalers and pharmacies. To encourage sales, investment will be made in documentary advertising aimed at healthcare personnel and there will be a team of sales representatives who will inform urologists about the product in question. Throughout this work, all the factors that can influence the project will be analyzed, together with an economic-financial plan where the figures will be reflected. Ultimately, the viability and profitability of placing alprostadil cream on the market will be evaluated.



Marín Mas-Sardá, Juan José


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy