Analysis of cost efficiency in PBF-LB and implementation performance improvements


Endrös Vilarrasa, Paula


This bachelor thesis develops a cost model for laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB) and potential optimization proposals for the current state at GET/AI. PBF-LB is an additive manufacturing process that allows to build layer by layer full dense metal parts with increased complexity and functionality. Despite the benefits of this technology, the adoptability is widely restricted due to the high manufacturing costs.
In this work, the state of the art is described to present the current findings and latest advancements of the topic. Then the current situation at GET/AI is analyzed with the aim of understanding the cost structure and identifying the major cost burdens. Next, based on the findings, several improvements are proposed to increase the cost-efficiency and to broaden the AM adoptability. Furthermore, a cost model is developed which tries to increase the accuracy of the cost estimation and better reflect the impact of the different cost factors that should be included in the estimation.
Finally, the effect of the “High Productivity Parameter Project” is studied theoretically. The project aims to increase the productivity of the process and shows a great potential. However, the study of the feasibility regarding the quality is not included in the scope of the thesis.

Key words: Laser powder bed fusion, cost structure, cost model, cost-efficiency



Pérez, Marco Antonio
Gatz, Dominik ; Dilgert, Lisa


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering