Branding como estrategia de marketing para mejorar la percepción por parte del consumidor hacia las marcas farmacéuticas después del COVID-19


Correa Moreno, Lucía


Traditionally, consumers good companies have relied on branding as a strategy to successfully market their products and have always followed a particular structure in the way they work. Recently, due to the social, personal and collective changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pharmaceutical Industry has been considering the true importance of branding as a marketing strategy in imitation of FMCG companies. As a result, most pharmaceutical companies have been forced to restructure their marketing departments, looking for an effective commercial boost. However, it is still debatable whether this model can be transferred and adapted to the pharmaceutical industry.
In this research, we assess the marketing model followed by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. We also analyze what branding represents, its advantages and/or disadvantages. Finally, we consider the importance of continuing to update this marketing strategy within the pharmaceutical industry.
In addition, in this work, a field study is carried out to answer several questions related to the consumers' opinion about medicines in order to assess whether consumers are influenced by the techniques and tools of pharmaceutical marketing strategies. Finally, the project proposes some guidelines to pharmaceutical companies based on the results of the study and tips for brand success.



Guitert i Catasús, Mar


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy