Caracterización de nanopartículas de oro (Au) mediante la técnica SP-ICP-MS


Tevar Mañero, Josep


The development of nanotechnology in recent years has allowed the incorporation of innovative applications of materials at the nanometric scale in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceutical, biomedical and clinical research.
The IQS Metals Analysis Laboratory has recently incorporated Perkin Elmer's NexION 5000 ICP-MS equipment, a multi-quadrupole equipment, one of the most sensitive currently on the market and which is also equipped with the Nano module to be able to work with the Single Particle technique.
As part of the familiarization with the new equipment, experiments have been carried out comparing the newly acquired equipment with the ICP-MS equipment already present in the laboratory. The sensitivity of both devices has been evaluated by carrying out measurements in the usual working configuration of a standard ICP-MS, that is, working with dissolved metal, not nanoparticles.
As an introduction to the Single Particle-ICP-MS (SP-ICP-MS) technique, three suspensions of gold nanoparticles have been characterized (50nm sample, Mix 30-50-100nm sample and Elemental Impurities sample). Reliable information has been obtained on the size distribution of nanoparticles, the concentration of nanoparticles (NP/ml) and the concentration of dissolved metal (μg/l).



Blanco Roca, Mª Josefa
Verdaguer i Ferrer, Ariadna


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering