Lopez Malgosa, Alejandro
Sensat Moya-Angeler, Gonzalo


3DPS is a project that wants to facilitate the online purchase of clothing and accessories by carrying out of scanners to people and to the different articles of clothing of each client for their later use on their web pages when choosing and trying on the garments. The objective of the project is that thanks to the creation of a software that will be available to all customers, the user will be able to try on the previously scanned clothing on the customer's website without have to make any payment. It will only have to have been scanned previously in one of the customer stores, which are the ones that will carry out the scanners. With 3DPS the user will not have to suffer and wait for the size they have chosen to be the right one. for your body, since with the scanner the measurements of your body will be collected. The main goal at the beginning of the project is to make it known in the market, achieving notoriety of brand and progressively increasing customers and users. The initial investment necessary to start the business activity would consist of the contribution of the two partners for a total amount of €80,000. This money would be used to cover fixed costs, procedures administrative costs and investments necessary to start the business activity. The sources of income for 3DPS will come from different types of subscriptions offered by the company depending on the amount of clothing each store has to scan. Different Rates will be distributed by monthly amount of garments to be scanned. According to the forecast by the company, annual revenue is expected to rise year-over-year for the first 3 years after from the start of the activity. With the designed business model, 3DPS would be profitable only having losses during the First exercise. The following two exercises are estimated to have a greater volume of sales that allow the company to obtain benefits that can be used to invest and expand the business.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management