Cirko: "The 100% customizables glasses"


Farré, Santi
Vilasanjuan, Manuel


CiRKO is the first 100% modular eyewear brand with omnichannel sales.
Through a simple magnetic system, the glasses become 100% customizable, making it possible for the customer to have all their glasses in one. Having a pair of glasses for every problem is neither cheap nor comfortable. In addition, prescription glasses today have a very high price and do not allow having one for each visual problem, causing users to have to expose themselves to the different problems of everyday life with vision problems. We offer glasses, prescription or non-prescription, which offer the consumer the possibility of changing functionality, depending on their visual problem (sun, screen protection, night driving or polarization) also offering a change of design, front, and sideburns. Turning our product into the first 100% customizable glasses.
In this way, customers can have all their glasses in one in a much cheaper way, changing the design depending on the needs of the day to day. Although the eyewear market is a very big market, it is an industry that is still growing and has a lot of demand. It is a market with 2.5 billion users in the world and a total turnover of 147 billion, leaving an opportunity for new brands. Appendix 1 to see the grow of the eyewear market.
Moreover, According to “El Libro blanco de la Salud visual “in Spain 2019, more than half of the Spanish population, 25.5 M, suffer from some type of visual problem, but only half of Spaniards are very or quite concerned about their visual health. hence only 40% of the population undergoes regular check-ups. Our main revenue system will be a collaboration with independent optics, giving the opportunity to from little companies to grow, and for us to have less costs and ease the distribution process. We will design and produce the final product, but the professionals (independent opticians) will offer a service to our clients increasing the professionalism and our brand image.
By differentiation and innovation, we expect to have more than 5,000 sales in 3 years and €700,000 in terms of sales by introducing a disruptive product that will revolutionize the eyewear glasses market.



Civit, Jordi


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management