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Noé Soldevila, Toni    


This business plan analyzes the feasibility of creating a film production company (Tove Productions) focused on the horror genre, developing a business model based on low-budget production.
Lately, we observe that there is an increase in the demand for movie consumption. Technology advances and with it the facilities to create audiovisual content.
On the other hand, we believe that choosing the horror genre is the best option. Among other things, because to make a good horror movie you don't need a large financial investment. There are many examples of movies that have achieved big hits on a low budget (Paranormal Activity, REC, etc.).
In the horror genre, quality is not decisive since, among other things, for example, many scenes are shot using low light, there are usually reduced spaces, fewer actors are hired, etc. In short, horror genre films are the ones that can make the most money with minimal investment.
Innovation will be a key factor to ensure that films meet a reduced budget and at the same time can be made on schedule. This creativity will be required in the directors we hire, getting plans and alternatives that are original and that do not increase the initially agreed budget.
We note that the critics and the opinion of the spectators are not positive in relation to the current horror films. They consider that they are artificial and with absurd plots. Therefore, we believe that it is an opportunity to produce horror films that attract attention for their originality, with a good plot and that encourages empathy with the viewer.
We will secure deals with distributors to obtain the money from the budget for the production of the films and we will close deals asking for 12.5% ​​of the income generated in the exhibition windows. On the other hand, the same distributors will pay for all the marketing.
Other financing methods that we could carry out depending on the type of film are the following: crowdfunding, grants, aid from festivals and contests, co-productions, etc.
In summary; Tove Productions' perspective is the constant focus on consumer needs, in a way that allows us to be more innovative, original and creative than the rest of the market.



Oliver Fernández, Joan Carles  


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management