¿Cómo emplean las empresas farmacéuticas las redes sociales?


Cheishvili Brusilovskiy, Kety


Social networks are in full expansion and have been intensively used during confinement. They are growing and constantly changing. Its function is no longer to connect people and socialize, but today they are also used to advertise and allow users to know the value of companies and their products, and for companies to know better behavior of their possible customers. To analyze the degree of maturity and the state of digitization of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to social networks, 3 of the most used social networks in the world will be studied; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook has 2:50 billion monthly active users, while Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. Drug advertising is subject to specific regulation to be informative and truthful and at the same time prevent the dangers that their misuse could cause. Health professionals should not be influenced by advertising, but should act based on objective decisions and always thinking about the benefit of the patient. Only those drugs that are not financed by public funds, those that do not need a doctor to use for diagnosis or treatment, and those that do not constitute psychotropic or narcotic substances, can only be advertised to the final public. After a thorough analysis of the legislation, to carry out the work I have prepared a questionnaire to collect information on how pharmaceutical companies use social networks.



Torrecilla Gumbau, Mònica 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy