Descubriendo nuevos disolventes eutécticos profundos a partir de compuestos perfumísticos


Puig Mielgo, Daniel


In the last decade, Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) have become vitally important because they are less harmful than the conventional solvents, which is why this project intended to discover new DESs. To do this, the model pairs [Choline Chloride:Urea] and [Menthol:B] have been studied computationally and experimentally to determine the causes of DESs formation. It is concluded that there must be a change in the conformation of the hydrogen bonds and new interactions between molecules must appear, thus decreasing the potential energy of the system and increasing its stability. A pairs with B and C and those of D with B and C have been found to have eutectic behavior, which are formed by interactions of alcohols and acids, confirming the effectiveness of such interactions. The pair [A:B] whose melting point (17ºC), viscosity (51.9 cP), density (0.920 g/m3), color, odor, refractive index (1,4499) and cost (23,77 €/Kg) have been determined and compared with the already known pairs has been characterized in more detail. All properties except odor and refractive index are very similar to the model mixture [Menthol:B], in that they have the same nature; a cyclic alcohol with an acid.



Estrada Tejedor, Roger
Ruiz González, Rubén


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy