Development of analytical techniques for the quantification of active ingredients in the cosmetic industry


Domínguez Suárez, Emma


LipoTrue is an international, young, emerging biotechnological company dedicated to the production and distribution of bioactive ingredients for the cosmetics market. LipoTrue has a collaboration agreement, among others, with the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA). IMEDEA carried out several expeditions to gather samples from different aquatic locations from around the world. Thanks to these expeditions, LipoTrue owns microbial strains that have been characterised for their subsequent industrial exploitation.
Over the last decades, a myriad of bioactive molecules has gained interest in the industry thanks to the different applications that these molecules have in several fields, specially in the cosmetics industry. Due to this increasing interest, the main objective of this project was to perform the quantification of active principles that are of great interest for the company but are produced in low amounts for some marine bacterial strains. Among the different activities involved in the biotechnological platform of LipoTrue, it is essential to develop and optimize different analytical techniques, with the purpose of performing the subsequent quantification of bioactive compounds.



Carnicer Heras, Marc
Esplugas, Marc


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology