Disseny i simulació d’un prototipus de sistema de reacció contínua basada en CSTRs


Costa Farré, Carla


Today, the semi-continuous reactor is probably the most used in the chemical industry, especially in fine chemistry. This is because it allows good temperature control and facilitates the monitoring of the concentration inside the reactor, allowing to improve the selectivity of the system. The problem with these reactors lies in the time required to carry out the reaction. The presence of dead times (filling the reactor, emptying and cleaning) implies a lower final product productivity.
In this project, the feasibility of working in a continuous system through the use of CSTR reactors. A continuous reactor is one that works in a steady state, where the reagents continuously, while extracting the products. In this way, the time-outs. For this, it is decided to place four CSTR reactors of different volumes in series. These will they are interconnected with each other so that they can be connected in different order and number.
In this way, it is possible to analyze how the different parameters affect the final conversion of the reaction. These are the temperature, the flow rate, the initial concentration of the reagents and the settings you want to work with.



Serra i Hosta, Eduard


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering