Easy Imports, S.A.


Ginestà Busquets, Albert
Santiveri Juvé, Gabriel  


EASY IMPORTS, SA is a project that arises from business growth and the continuous advance of globalization, which facilitates communications and the exchange of goods. That is why many
Companies, from sectors that require importing dangerous goods, need companies to manage, store, import and transport these goods.
From EASY IMPORTES we want to solve this need, which will be more and more abundant in the market, and work closely with clients who trust in our services. We understand that many companies do not have a department that is dedicated solely and exclusively to carrying out logistics and distribution tasks and, therefore, we want our clients to see us as one more department of their company and not see us as a supplier . In addition, EASY IMPORTES has as a priority the quality of the service and guaranteeing the safety of all the parties involved in the service, from the workers of our staff to the end customer. Transporting and storing dangerous goods requires professionalism, caution and knowledge of the processes that must be carried out in each service. The structure of the company will be managed by the two founding partners and will have nine more workers. The services offered by our company will be: Customs Management with application of destinations
customs and customs regimes, as well as the storage and distribution of mainly dangerous goods. For this, we will have an industrial warehouse located in the province of Barcelona. International import and export operations grow year after year and our business idea covers the needs that the market requires, obtaining an economic benefit from the second year. Easy Amounts is a profitable and efficient business, since it cares about the environment and the social costs that its activity can generate. In addition, the ratios indicate that we will not have liquidity problems and the returns will be positive.
In short, Easy Amounts is created to provide a solution to a real demand that as the years progress, the demand increases and the supply is very limited.



Coll Tor, Pere


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management