Estudio de las propiedades mecánicas del acero estructural ST-37 sometido a tratamientos térmicos


Valentini, Kevin   


The present work consists of studying the behavior of an alloy, particularly ST37-2 steel, under the influence of different heat treatments. The different treatments to which the alloy is subjected are the following: subcritical annealing, full annealing, normalized, quenched and tempered. Once the heating described on steel specimens has been carried out, a series of tests are carried out such as the tensile test using a universal machine and the determination of the hardness. After completing the described tests, we proceed to carry out the analysis of the results obtained and be able to observe how the main mechanical properties of the steel are influenced: yield strength, maximum load, Young's modulus, modulus of resilience, toughness, creep and breaking point. Once the analysis of the results has been completed, it can be determined in which area ST37-2 structural steel can be useful.



Abad Roldán, Manuel David 
Gómez Gras, Giovanni  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering