Romagosa Mora, Sergio
Piera Catalan, Alberto  


Many times when we travel to a city abroad, language can be an issue. When we were living in the north of Belgium it was very difficult for us to find the events that best suited our needs: we wanted to find a nightclub, with a young atmosphere and international music. We wanted to know the price of tickets and schedules. The problem? The language. Our ignorance of Dutch raised a lot of doubts for us and made our decision-making a puzzle impossible to solve. The solution? EventMapp: an application designed for both local and foreign people to keep up to date with the best events near you. In your language. No funnels or lack of information.
EventMapp is an application based on geolocation, where our users (people in need of finding an event that fits their needs), find the offer of our customers (festivals, nightclubs, clubs, etc.). From here you can buy as many tickets as you may need. Don't know the city you're traveling to? Let EventMapp offer you the best selection of local entertainment.
EventMapp generates revenue through 4 different sources:

- Entrance fee: Variable amount according to its price.
- In-App Promotion: Have you set up an event? Let everyone find out!
- Premium customers: The regular customer (especially local) may be interested in taking advantage of the benefits of being premium.
- Advertising and banners: Standard customers will see a banner at the bottom with the advertising that may interest them most.

The sales forecast, as detailed below, is based on exponential sales growth with atypical points during the summer and holiday months. If our calculations have not failed, the third year a profit is expected, and the growth is exponential.
The investment required by a third party is € 100,000 which will be very well invested in our Startup!
Are you aiming to discover the world of leisure like never before with EventMapp?



Travé Royo, Andrés 


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management