Formació de microgels en un sistema gelatina/Kolliphor ELP i encapsulament d’una proteïna


Ros Espinal, Marc


Water-in-water emulsions are colloidal dispersions made of two immiscible aqueous phases that are thermodynamic equilibrium. W/W emulsions can be formed using biocompatible and edible components making them of great interest in the formulation of commercial products without fats and surfactants. That characteristic makes W/W emulsions a candidate for use as microgel preparation templates, being microgels particles of crosslinked polymer that present a suitable environment for the incorporation of biomolecules as active ingredients.
A W/W gelatin/ Kolliphor ELP emulsion was selected for this Thesis. This system was selected to form two thermodynamically equilibrium liquid phases. Aqueous biphasic systems consisting of mixtures of a surfactant and a polymer are very little known and little studied. At that time, the first target was to study the formation of W/W emulsions in this system. Another target was to study the production of microgels in these emulsions and use these microgels to encapsulate a model protein (BSA).



Esquena Moret, Jordi
Pou Ibar, Oriol


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering