Fresh N Fit


Carreras Carbonell, Jan
Cera Alavedra, Guillem  


This final degree project is faced with a problem where both Guillem and Jan have found ourselves at some stage in life. Sometimes we have not had time to prepare food, either because we had little time between classes or because we finished practice and had to go quickly to class. If we didn't have time to prepare our meals, reaching our daily caloric goals to achieve our physical goal was challenging.
That is why we have proposed the solution of a business that sends you home meals prepared with the calories and macronutrients necessary to achieve your physical goals. This business is based on a monthly subscription where the client provides us with their data (age, sex, weight, height, objectives ...) and we provide them with a diet with calories and macronutrients that adapt to him or her. In this way, you can take the lunch box with you to the office and it is not necessary to prepare your food every day, you simply take it prepared from the fridge, and heat it. Apart from healthy food, it is comfortable.
The initial share capital contributed by the two partners of the company is € 30,000, and we will need to sell 7,434 units. It will be a long trip, but by the third year we already foresee a profit of € 11,258.31.
We believe that it will be a successful company since every day more and more people are aware of what they eat and want to follow a healthy and balanced diet. There is also an increase in the number of people who have a physical goal, be it to lose weight, gain muscle mass, tone ...
In summary, we can see a trend in society to care more about your body, either doing physical exercise or taking care of your diet, or both.



Travé Royo, Andrés


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management