IL ACQUA Sustainable Marketplace


Cordero, Ariadna
Eigenbauer, Andreas


Nowadays, people tend to take more care in choosing their purchases and pay more attention to the manufacture and composition of the items they buy.
The fashion sector, specifically fast fashion, has been gaining a bad image in terms of the quality of the products served, the working conditions under which they are manufactured and the high contamination of the materials of the garments. In recent years, this image has been changing thanks to the awareness of the population and has become a sector where establishments of very low quality coexist with others that stand out for the high quality of their products, achieving durable products with low impact on the environment.
Il Acqua is created to achieve what the population demands: a company that stands out for the quality of its products and the durability of the garments and that this quality is
accompanied by an affordable price for many potential users. Il Acqua collaborates with several emerging designers whose values focus on local and quality production so that it can offer the end customer a wide variety of products that are substitutes for fast fashion store purchases in terms of price. The process is constituted by having a quantity of garments under consignment in each collaborating brand to ensure stock to our customer. Once a purchase is made in our portal, that brand will be in charge of sending the package to the destination, so we do not work with the physical product.
In the first year, 5.440 units would be sold, equivalent to an income of 380.835 euros. In the second year, sales of 7.344 units (€514.127) are expected. And in the third year, sales of 9.548 units (668.365 euros) are expected.
The business idea is both economically and financially viable but requires an initial investment of 150.000 euros. This investment is necessary for the operation of the business during the first three months prior to launch to ensure that fixed costs can be covered in the face of the current economic uncertainty.
The viability of Il Acqua is shown in a financial plan in which it is expected that during the first two years there will be losses, but from the third year onwards there will be profits.
It is expected that more people will get to know Il Acqua and that it will become a well-known brand in the whole Barcelona area and be able to expand the business to reach more people and be known internationally.



Cella, Albert


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management