Impact of the Covid-19 in the patient behaviour


Bosque Guarner, Miguel


This year 2020-2021 has been very tough for the world, in all terms, such as economic, social or psychological.
Nothing like this had ever happened and the worst thing is that it was unexpected, and no one knew how to act in front such a threat.
The SARS-Cov-2 virus has altered our lives in such a way that we no longer know what normality is. We had to leave our lives behind and transform them into "social distancing", "self-isolation" and quarantines.
We had to live 24 hours a day without leaving home for many weeks, having the schools closed, bars and hotel industry closed, closed companies ...and, today some sectors are still recovering from it.
This pandemic is affecting in different ways and we now live in fear; fear for our future, our health, our business, our family...
This has caused many changes in the patient's behaviour, such as anxiety, fear, stress, insomnia ...
We are no longer who we were, Covid-19 has made us more conformist, less tolerant, even more conservative and distrustful.
On the other hand, consumer behaviour has also changed completely and also our priorities, as we now prefer to satisfy basic and necessary needs rather than other more sophisticated ones.
Also, the way to buy has changed to online and surely it has come to stay.
The way we used to go to the doctor anytime we needed is no longer possible. During quarantine and lockdown the visits had to be online and nowadays there are trying to keep it the same by telephone, videoconferences, text messages or emails although not everyone agrees with this method.



Artalejo Ortega, Beatriz
Balfagón Costa, Alberto


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy