Instalación de una Decantadora Centrífuga en EDAR industrial


Villar Ruiz de Valdivia, Guillem


This Final Degree Project has been carried out in the wastewater treatment plant of the Granollers plant of the company Audensfood. This is a WWTP that must eliminate a wide variety of pollutants due to the variety of productions carried out at the Granollers plant. Therefore, it must be a multi-phase treatment to separate various types of dirt present in the discharged water, from dairy and animal fats to phosphates present in cleaning products to dyes, salts, vegetable fibers. To do this, purification is carried out in several phases, generating two types of sewage sludge that must be processed.
Previously, this sludge was dried using a very small decanter centrifuge, and due to an increase in production, the use of a new, larger centrifuge is required that can process the amount of sludge currently generated.
This is the main motivation of this TFG. It will focus on a study of the different options to expand the amount of dried sewage sludge. Equipment will be detailed and their use will be reasoned. Procedures to follow to carry out interventions in the WWTP system and machinery to keep the line in good condition will also be discussed.



Pou Ibar, Oriol


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering