KYL Fitness Solution


Trias de Bes, Álvaro
Núñez, Guillermo


Exercising is necessary to stay fit and have good health. But really, is it necessary to join a club?
In this project we are going to show that there is nothing better than having a gym at home to solve everything that we have talked about before and we are going to explain the because.
We have been registered in many clubs both in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Sant Cugat and the same thing always happened to us, we ended up getting tired.
We took on the challenge very excited, wanting to make life in the club, classes of everything they could offer, paddle tennis matches with friends... and it really was like that at principle.
But little by little the motivation was leaving us because many times we did not we found the moment to go and enjoy the Club or we simply wanted to see results they did not see. That is why we have created KYL Gym Designs. An innovative idea that includes the gym in the same neighborhood community or in your own home with the options that you have in the best gyms. Since 2015, in Spain the penetration of gyms and fitness centers is above the European average. In Spain during the year 2018, prior to the pandemic, a penetration rate of 11.2% was recorded compared to 8% in Europe. In In short, Spain is a country where there is considerable demand Regarding the fitness sector, it could even be said that there is a need to get fit and lead a healthy life.
However, in the face of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, many of the gyms in the country were forced to close their doors. Only in 2020 more than 2,000 sports facilities in this sector were affected and had to cease your activity.
Today, almost 2 years later, the situation has improved considerably thanks to the vaccine against Covid-19. However, we do not stop hearing news about new waves, new contagion records etc. With all this, it seeks to promote both the increase in healthy living and its time, the value of the house thanks to this project.



Vilella Nebot, Carol


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management