Hosta Domínguez, Elisabeth
Pujol Martín, Marta  


The need to be covered that we want to solve is none other than to make life easier for people through the domestic services included in our application.
People nowadays do not have much free time and that is why we want to offer our platform with different types of services focused on household chores, with the aim of saving unnecessary waste of time.
We can easily and efficiently solve all those needs that arise throughout the day to day of each person. We want to reduce and facilitate the time they spend looking for cleaning ladies, cooks, private teachers, gardeners, babysitters, etc.
Our application is ideal to solve these problems and that the time invested in looking for someone by other means, can be dedicated to their personal affairs.
The value proposition that we want to provide to our business is nothing more than two factors based on the ease of offering services and finding work. Also, we want to award a price according to what they are looking for and are willing to pay. Our goal is to create a platform where people can access and get through it, solve each and every one of their needs, using a simple and feasible service.
On the one hand, we present our potential clients with the option of downloading an application where they can find work in just one click. In addition, through our app, we also want to solve any need that may arise. Thus, we want people to earn money and also not have to change their schedule for any unforeseen event.
On the other hand, we want our clients to benefit from our prices. They will have to pay for the service, depending on the time and place, having the option of offering a tip to the employee / collaborator at the end of the service.



Fazio Bieto, José  


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management