Cases, Javier
Espinós, Pablo


This business idea is based on the creation of a service focused on renting parking spaces for a certain period of time, depending on the owner's offer through the installation of an application which will allow us to access the different parking spaces and keep availability updated. of the squares. The objective of this business idea is to get more out of the parking spaces when they are not used. With this idea, the owners of these parking spaces will be able to obtain a profit without investing money or time.
Nowadays, the vehicle park in large cities like Barcelona suffers from availability so that they can park their vehicles and solutions are only offered in the case of Barcelona with the famous parking areas, whether they are: White, Green or Blue. Furthermore, we believe that the solution proposed by the city council is expensive and not very adjacent. Furthermore, due to the high levels of automobile pollution that we have been experiencing in recent years, the consequence is turning out to be a reduction in these spaces. All these reasons lead us to conclude that automobile mobility continues to increase, but the facilities are increasingly scarce. The Let's Park business idea aims to be a solution to an existing problem and with the aim of solving a current and long-term problem.
The first years, we estimate to have around 1700 places available and this together with the price estimate that we have calculated at which we rent the places gives us an exponential income forecast of around 450,000 euros the first year, 870,000 euros the second year and almost 2 million the third year. Sales forecasts are positive given the short-term impact that is expected to have with this company. Regarding our net profits, we expect to have positive values ​​from the second year onwards with profits of 9,715.96 euros.
The founding partners of the company are: Javier Cases and Pablo Espídos. Both will mainly be the only employees of the company and will be responsible for making decisions regarding the business activity. 150,000 euros are needed to create the company and get it up and running. The capital is contributed entirely by its founders in equal parts, 75,000.



Fazio, José


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management