Gracia, Ana 
Margets, Claudia


Little Babies was born from an idea: What do I do with what I no longer have room for at home? The idea is aimed at all those parents who want to receive some extra income or save and who are concerned about sustainability and giving them a better world for the future of their children.
The objective of the project is that our clients can, on the one hand, get rid of what they no longer need and earn money, and, on the other, that they can buy products in good condition for their children at a good price. Little Babies wants to differentiate itself from its competition by focusing on a more specific audience such as fathers and mothers.
The project is summarized with the idea of ​​acting as a bridge between bidders and buyers by launching a platform on the market, both on the web for computers and as an application for tablets and mobile phones, capable of connecting both quickly and easily.
The products offered within this platform will only be of quality, sustainable and in good condition. To do this, at Little Babies we will hire someone in charge of evaluating these products and giving confidence to buyers that what they are purchasing is really what they see in the photo.
The initial investment necessary to start the activity is €60,000. The first €50,000, each of the members contributing half, will come from the support of our family members who will lend us. The remaining €10,000 will be a long-term loan offered by a financial institution to be repaid in 5 years with a commission of 0.25%.
According to the calculations we have made, we will begin to recover the investment from the second year after the start of the activity, where the income will be higher than the expenses. Furthermore, with the analysis carried out on the company's ratios, we can say that Little Babies is in optimal financial health.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management