Mapa de los problemas éticos derivados de la reproducción asistida


Piqué Ayala, Blanca


This work studies the map of ethical problems derived from assisted reproduction techniques, which aim to treat infertility. Infertility is a health problem that affects approximately 50 million people and according to epidemiological data the number is increasing. In the last decade, developments in the field of assisted reproductive techniques have heightened the hopes of infertile people to resolve their infertility and have resulted in a growing demand for such services.
These techniques have achieved numerous medical and technological advances in the treatment of infertility. The number of treatments performed around the world is constantly increasing and many children are born as a result of these procedures. While ART developments have evolved rapidly, so have the ethical, social, and political issues surrounding nearly every aspect of these techniques. Various scientific bodies in various nations have tried to resolve ethical controversies, but without success. The regulation of the procedures varies from minimal or non-existent to quite strict, without going into each particular case.
In the present work, the techniques currently used to achieve a full-term pregnancy are deepened and the multiple ethical challenges inherent to these technologies are discussed.



Quintana Rubio, Oriol


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy