MC Trips


Ranera Casanovas, Carla
Samsó Raventós, Maria  


Traveling is one of the best ways to learn, see and discover. But have you ever considered the global impact it generates? Many of us are not aware of the footprint we leave simply by satisfying one of our needs. With this project we intend to provide the necessary tools so that the traveler can explore the destination in a sustainable way, respecting, but at the same time, enjoying the purest form of the destination. We can therefore refer to sustainable tourism, the objective is to minimize the footprint at an environmental, social, economic and cultural level. In a positive sense, it aims to generate employment and income for the local population and produce the least possible damage to the environment. Fortunately, social awareness for the environment and local cultures is growing. Thus, we believe that it is a need to cover and that, in addition, it favors the whole, both travelers and owners and the country of destination. At the time of purchase, the customer can choose a series of parameters that will lead him to decide on the travel pack that best suits his needs. Among them, they will be able to choose the nights, the flight times or if special conditions are needed to travel. The accommodations for which we will choose will have a sustainable certificate and will consist of 3 to 5-star hotels, farmhouses and charming hostels. In addition, the airplanes in which they will travel will be those that consume at the lowest possible levels. Finally, the project is also focused on people with reduced mobility since they will be able to choose the flight and accommodation options that are more adapted to them and can travel more comfortably. We are two young people who are enthusiastic about traveling, but also concerned about the environment and what surrounds us. It is for this reason that we found it a good idea to provide a sustainable travel organization service that suits everyone. The project requires an initial capital of 50,000 euros since having a suitable mobile application and web portal is a key factor to operate in this market. It is a business, the profitability is in the medium and long term because no benefits are obtained until the third year of activity. The deadlock of the first year is achieved with the sale of 764 packs, it is for this reason that the financial profitability of the project has to be projected in the long term. The expected sales that we will obtain in the first year are 300 packs that are equivalent to 95,100 euros. In the second and third years, sales amount to 500 and 750 units respectively. The treasury of the first year is positive and is 28,787 euros, that of the second is 19,408 euros and, that of the third year, 46,360 euros. Finally, in the first year we will have losses of 23,079 euros, in the second of 16,765 euros and, in the third year, we will sustain the first profit of 3,377 euros. We firmly believe that the project will be successful as social awareness about the environment and local cultures is growing to a greater extent. It is true that the journey is long and there is still much to do, but we believe that with this project we can facilitate those who want to travel and, in turn, leave the least possible footprint.



Fazio Bieto, José


IQS SM - Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE)