Ramos Siles, Anna
Andreu Codina, Marta  


Paddle tennis is a sport that has been growing exponentially in recent years worldwide. But especially in Spain, he has gained a lot of strength and fans in a very short time. We want to offer a service to improve the management of the court reservation of any player, and, at the same time, give the possibility of setting up matches according to the time and day available to each user, through an application called Netball. In addition, users have the possibility to create a profile, to meet people with whom to play and have fun. Our clients will be the clubs with which we affiliate, while our consumers will be all those paddle tennis lovers who download our application for free. The business model to obtain benefits will be very simple for both us and our clients, these being the ones who will pay us a small commission on the rental of the court for all those matches that they get thanks to us and adding a small monthly fee of € 15 by the club the third year. In addition, we will have the premium option where our consumers can pay a small fee per month to obtain extra services. In our case, we will start with Catalonia, since we know the two partners well.
Our sales forecast is to increase both the number of clubs and matches month by month, reaching a total of 40 clubs the first year, 80 the second and 130 the third, with sales of € 10,123.20 the first year, 26,078, € 40 for the second and € 82,663.20 for the third, which we will explain in more detail later. To be able to face the development of this project, we need initial financing of € 30,000 to carry out the development of the application, the most relevant expense in our project. We estimate to obtain losses in the first and second years and benefits in the third, highlighting that we will have a positive cash flow for all three years. With Netball we want to offer an easy-to-use, intuitive and innovative service under the slogan: Netball, have fun playing.



Fazio Bieto, José 


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management