Opening of the academic year 2021-22


We start the new academic year 2021/22!


We would like all of you to have a great start to the course and remember a few new details about the library service:

  • Library schedule from 9 to 19 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • It is obligatory to wear a correctly fitted mask and to use hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance.
  • Library open to IQS students/PDI/PAS.
  • Non-permanence is recommended. Allowed for authorised double degree students.
  • Students, PDI and PAS from other CSUC member universities can only access to the library for research and loan of documents, they are not allowed to stay in the library.
  • Return of documents in situ in the Library and also in the return letterbox of the School of Management building.
  • Loan services in operation as usual, through a new, more dynamic and usable interface.


You can consult these and other information of interest in the presentation of the training session for 1st year students that we organised this Monday.


Have a great start to the course!