Optimización de un proceso de encapsulación mediante mezcla directa


Ibáñez Jiménez, Nerea


Direct mixtures are a type of dry granulation techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of drugs. Although there are many other types of granulations, direct mixing is a fast and useful technique when the active ingredient is very sensitive to external factors such as light or humidity. Even if this technique is falling into disuse, due to the complexity of new pharmaceutical forms and the need for more complex techniques for its formulation, it is still present in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of many of the drugs used in our day-to-day.
This project is focused on the study of a pharmaceutical formulation produced from the techniques of direct mixture and encapsulation. During the development of this project some problems are appearing in the manufacturing process, therefore an optimization of the process is done.
A new final product container is validated and a piece of the encapsulator is changed to improve the loss of yield that was occurring during the manufacture of the active ingredient. This process improvements guarantee an increase of company’s operators and patients security, as well as company’s production cost reduction.



Balfagón Costa, Alberto


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy