Pla de distribució de V’BURGER


Coachs Mestre, Maria
Pintaluba Pérez, Berta


Currently, the vegan market is growing exponentially, therefore, the need to create sustainable and animal-free foods. In fact, one of the categories of emerging foods in the Spanish market is plant-based meat. Hamburgers are a very common food all over the world, and they are the most animal protein consumed in the world, but large areas of land and large quantities are needed to produce them of water That is why, to find an alternative with the flavor, texture, color desired, contributing the right amount of protein would be very beneficial.
So, our product V'BURGER, is an artificial hamburger, that is to say, produced in the laboratory based on cow stem cells and some other ingredients to give them the flavor and touch you need. It tastes and looks like beef burgers, so our customers hardly feel any difference with animal meat and therefore feel more attracted to the product.
V'BURGER, will distribute in Spain in packs of two the artificial hamburgers of one Dutch company, Mosa Meat. Therefore, we will buy the product from them, and it will be sent several times that they need a refrigerated truck with the product from Maastricht, where it is located currently the headquarters of Mosa Meat, up to Barcelona. Once the product is in Spain, we will take care of distributing it to various retailers. The vegan market in Spain represents 13% of the Spanish population. During the first year, our target market will be 0.07% of the Spanish plant population with 79,337 pacs for sale This is equivalent to €372,882 in income that will not make a profit in the first year.
In the second year, the target increases and our market is 0.105% of the plant population. The units expected to be sold are 119,005. This is equivalent to €559,323 in income during the second year it will also not give profit. In the third year, our target increases again, so now the target market is from 0.20% of the plant population. The units expected to be sold are 226,676. This is equivalent to €1,065,377, which means a profit of €175,348.35.
The business idea is both financially and economically viable, but it requires one initial investment of 125,000 euros. This investment is necessary for the rent of the room refrigeration, transport, payment to suppliers, payment of wages, etc.
The viability of V'BURGER is shown in a financial plan in which it is predicted that during the losses are registered in the first and second year, but from the third, profits are generated. It is expected that more and more people will know V'BURGER and that it will be a well-known brand in the entire area of ​​Barcelona and Valencia, and later throughout Spain.



Fazio, Jose


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management