Plan de empresa: Beyond Food


Fernández Peralta, Miguel
Navarro Massegú, Alex


Beyond Food has been created with the purpose of revolutionizing, adapting, helping and being a useful tool for the restaurant industry and its many users. We have formed this company with enthusiasm and effort to make a complex idea and process as simple as possible.
Our business consists of a mobile application through which a restaurant customer can order food before arriving at the establishment, book, access the menu, order online orders and pay through the app itself. We solve and provide a service adapted to current changes both in the sector and in society. Specifically, we focus on the consumer population that frequents restaurant establishments. We are committed to both the end customer and the restaurateurs to improve the quality and relationship of the services, in addition to offering a totally respectful service with the environment. Beyond Food adapts and molds its services to the characteristics of the clients to give them an individual and specialized service. For this reason, we offer two types of subscription plans for restaurateurs who hire our services. As for the user of the application, he will also have a personalized service.
We emphasize the importance of marketing in our company, carrying out campaigns aimed at the user of the application, but also to make ourselves known to restaurateurs.
Referring to the financial part of the project, we estimate losses in the first year of activity, however, these will be replaced by profits in the following years. Finally, after carrying out the business plan, we conclude that Beyond Food is a viable project.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management