Plan de empresa – MyXai S.L.


Oriol Casas, Pol



The primary sector in Spain is a sector in clear decline, especially among the younger generations. They are reluctant to work in the sector due to its intrinsic difficulties and the few possibilities of economic benefit with traditional livestock farming. It is in this context that the business idea put forward in this work appears.
The product idea is to create sustainable, designer bags made from organic lamb skin for the consumption of its meat. The idea is to convert a waste product from the meat industry into a product with added value for the fashion industry.
The size of the sustainable fashion market in Spain as of January 2022 is 41 million euros with an upward trend that seems to indicate that it will increase in size in the coming years. Concrete sales for the first years of the company's activity range from 200 units sold in the first year to 1,380 units by the fifth year. If these expectations are met, this would mean an income of 24,000 euros in the first year and 165,600 euros in the fifth year.
After analysing the market and the elements necessary to be able to set up the company and generate a business that can start its activity, the initial investment necessary for the project is determined. This initial investment in fixed assets required is 5,050 euros. To meet this investment in fixed assets and the initial investment in raw materials and salaries, the owner must provide an initial capital of 10,000 euros at the time of incorporation of the company. In addition, the possibility of external financing is contemplated in order to absorb the seasonal nature of the demand for the product and to maintain adequate liquidity.
Finally, the economic and financial study of MyXai shows that it is an economically viable project, since it generates profits from the first year and these increase in the following years. Therefore, it can be concluded that the business idea on which MyXai is based allows for an attractive business project for investors that provides practically immediate economic benefits as well as added value for society as a whole.



Solana Oliver, Joaquín


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management