Plan de empresa sobre microfinanciera en el mercado nicaragüense


Díaz Ramos, Jordi
Chen Díaz, Weihong Lyving


Our business idea consists in the creation of a small company which offers microfinance services, such as consumer loans of less than $1000 to people who have certain requirements to meet, we have chosen the Nicaraguan market as a starting point, since we believe it is a very good country for this type of business because from our point of view the current system has become a bit obsolete and many people who have paid jobs need not very large amounts of money at specific times and that a company of our characteristics would have a lot. success due to the evolution of the customer market and sales volume. It will be called Easy Flexible Cash (EFC), in this case we will work through the implementation of an APP that greatly facilitates the complexity of requesting credits and in addition to having a high speed of response to applications, this is in principle one of our competitive advantages to be able to enter the market with great force since the main previous competitors had a website, but not a mobile APP. On the other hand, we also believe that by dedicating ourselves to the customer through a mobile application, our business model will save a lot of costs and that this can be reflected in having a more competitive service, it can be said that if we think that it is essential to have strategic physical points to give the company tangibility to the public. In addition, we believe that the key factor in this sector is to have a good filter system, which is to say that our scoring system is as polished as possible in order to obtain a relatively low delinquency rate. At the beginning we had talked about offering the service to individuals, and speaking of money, the easiest way would be the automatic creation, at the time of credit approval, of a virtual card that would go to the customer's mobile, and on the other hand, if not, send a physical debit card to the address, we have been talking about having the VISA, MASTERCARD service and also using the network of local ATMs and the network of ATM machines both to withdraw money and to pay the fee. For our communication strategy we had thought of dedicating most of the efforts to the presence in social networks since when promoting an APP we should do it with the type of population that is familiar with or interested in this way of operating, we would also be interested in having Call Centers to help us with advertising and finally we could opt for mailing and advertisements in newspapers or advertisements.
We have come to the conclusion that they need 700,000 euros for the creation of the website, as well as to have enough own funds during the first year and after that they can already maintain the business with the income generated by the credit commissions.



Martínez Valls, Jordi


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management