Protección y reparación del cabello modificado por daño térmico y por solubilización lipídica con el uso de tensioactivos


Ponce Monroig, Laura


As there has been an advance in the fields of cosmetic and beauty in the last decades, a large number of people has started to do all kinds of hair treatments. These treatments, such as hair straightening, produce damage in the hair modifying its properties and structure. Therefore, this rises the need to create products that protect the hair from the damage caused by the manipulation of it with hair straightening using high temperatures, for example. Provital, a company that manufactures and distributes these types of products, hired the IQAC to evaluate three of its formulations. Two of which may present possible protection against thermal damage of the hair due to the presence of a product. The third formulation is placebo.
After ironing the hair and performing different tests in which the properties, the internal structure and the external structure were evaluated, it was determined that two of the formulations do protect the hair against thermal damage and which formulations were the ones protecting the hair. However, it has been determined that the best option to have and maintain a healthy hair is not to apply any thermal treatments at all.



Balfagón Costa, Albert
Coderch, Luisa


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering