Proyecto de Employer Branding para el Grupo Damm con el objetivo de mejorar la estrategia de atracción y retención del talento joven


Serra Broto, Alex
Cristóbal Tantiñá, Oriol


We can define an Employer Branding plan as the set of actions and strategies carried out by a company to enhance its image and improve its reputation in the eyes of its present and future employees, in order to attract and retain the best talent. Employees are the most important asset when trying to carry out a management plan. Employer Branding since they can become the best ambassadors of the company. Nowadays, the best talent is informed through the networks about the quality of life that is can offer you in a company. The transmission of a good corporate image through of current employees is key, since they are the most reliable source of information. Keep satisfied employees is the best way to increase the company's reputation, not only in order to attract the best talent but also to attract potential clients. Furthermore, keeping employees satisfied can enhance loyalty and motivation, thus maintaining a good work environment and increasing productivity. Fits Also highlight that the fact of maintaining a good work environment, enhancing the personal and professional well-being of the employee, allows the company to achieve greater reach and visibility through social networks such as Linkedin, forums or websites on the Internet. By For all these reasons, including employees in an Employer Branding plan can bring several advantages to a company as a whole. Despite being an innovative concept, there are already several companies that have developed a successful Employer Branding plan for your employees. One of them is Google, one of the greats exponents of Employer Branding in the world.



Guitert i Catasús, María del Mar


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management